Saturday, 12 December 2015

Blank Page Syndrome

I remember hearing an interview with a famous writer; he said the worst feeling in the world was facing a blank sheet of paper on Monday morning, knowing he had to fill it.
That's about how I feel now, the only difference being its Saturday.

There is so much to write about, as you may have seen on my other blog I have had to call time on the Bakery. I feel upset but it had just become too much for me to fit in with everything else. I was working from 5 till 9 every morning and all day Tuesday and Thursday, plus deliveries. 
This left me little time to do anything else, which was the whole idea of retiring from pilotage and moving to Devon. Also the end of December is the time to renew all my insurances and things plus stock up on expensive ingredients in bulk, so I can avoid that outlay as well.

Next year will be busy with family events and I was not going to compromise them for the sake of making a few loaves.
So in an effort to get my life back I've wrapped it all up. I will be getting used to the idea of not getting up at 5 am after I have finished my last bake on December 18th.

Of course I will still be baking bread and biscuits for myself and my family and I hope now that I have the time, I can try all the new recipes that I haven't been able to do yet because I have had to do the same old loaves week in and week out.

It also means that I can spend a little more time in my office, where I get so much inspiration, this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon.

I now have about 50kg of flour and assorted ingredients to use up before they go out of date, so we definitely won't go hungry for the next few months. (As long as we eat Bread)

Of course the most exciting news is that Georgina is on her way home for Christmas, the crazy thing is that, due to the cost of flights from Australia, when she set out to find a cheaper way (I trained her well!) she found that flying via the Maldives with a week there was not much different in cost? So that's what she's doing. Quite how that works I'm not sure but she did say that its cooler there than in at the Barkly so its getting her ready for the temperatures in England.

So what am I going to do with all that time I hear you ask. Well sleep till six in the morning might be on the list and actually putting some effort into marketing my novels as well, sales could be better and I'm sure that I've been neglecting that aspect of things. I might even have time for regular writing, to get the next one(s) finished. 

If I could just manage 2000 words a day I would write a book every six weeks (whether they would be any good of course is another matter) but I will take the chance. I do have quite a few ideas for new stuff at the moment and it would be nice to see how it develops. 
There are a couple of things I started that seemed good until I got a few thousand words in; you suddenly realise that the idea is going nowhere. These are left to mature; a bit like sourdough bread, I can always come back to them later. I might get renewed inspiration on them

At the moment the 'Galactographic' idea is occupying my mind though but I do need to get around the lack of illustration somehow (words from the future are one thing, pictures another one altogether!)

It will be nice to have the time to work it all out.

And I've just noticed, I no longer have a blank page.

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