Thursday, 26 December 2013


It's funny, how something can set you off on a nostalgia trip, when you least expect it.

Last Monday, at 6am I was being swept around the supermarket, on a tide of people who were unaware that the shops would be shut for ONE WHOLE DAY, or at least that's how it seemed, judging by the amount of stuff they were buying.

Anyway, I was intending to get some smoked salmon, amongst other things, but was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a tin of Red Salmon, like the ghost of Christmas past.

In my mind I was about 6 or 7, (a long time ago) in my parents house in Collaton St Mary, eating tinned Salmon sandwiches, thinking that it must be a really expensive treat. After all, we only ever had tinned salmon at Christmas.

So when I saw this tin, it seemed to be whispering 'buy me', so I did.

Boxing day tea will be tinned salmon sandwiches, on Sourdough bread, and I can't wait to recapture the feelings of all those years ago, when everything was ahead and life was so much simpler.

But first, what to do with the excess, after all there are only two of us here today, and a lot of salmon in a tin.

I thought fishcakes, but to be honest I just couldn't be bothered to go to all the trouble of moulding them, (I know it's not a big job, but I'm fooded out) so I mashed up some potato, added garlic paste and Balsamic and folded in the salmon.

I put it in a small oiled casserole and covered with home-made sourdough breadcrumbs and a few mixed herbs..

That'll go in the oven for around 25 minutes tomorrow, after spraying with Oil. It'll be served with a Watercress and Tomato salad.

We've de-cluttered the front room and re-arranged the ornaments,

Hopefully the energy will flow better now. But nothings wasted round here, and the other things are in a new home, on the new garden feature.

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