Wednesday, 25 December 2013

More Turkey, Part 1.

Christmas Day, and as well as the Turkey, we have to finish decorating the front room. In case any of you have come in half way through this, we had Christmas last weekend, as several of our family were working over the festivities (Doctors, Midwives Nurses etc)

So as we had put the dogs in kennels, we decided to use the time to decorate.

It's gone really well so far, just a final lick of paint and then clean up and put all the stuff back.
In between, we are having another Turkey lunch, (Why not?) so I'm doing it in between the other bits.

I had success a couple of years ago in roasting my turkey on a bed of potato and onion, so I'm going to do that again, using my Charity Shop Le Creuset Casserole. (£5)

So its a layer of Lard,

then sliced potato,

then sliced Onion,

and finally, the meat.Fill in any spaces with potato or onion.

That goes into a 190 degree oven for 2.5 hours. Now on with the painting. Don't forget to baste it.

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