Wednesday, 30 November 2011

 I made a gruesome discovery today, I was going to put some pictures up but decided against it, you may be eating whilst reading this, or you may be of a nervous disposition.

In my quest to complete the bathroom, there are only a few things left to do, finish painting the woodwork, and put up ornaments and fittings. We ordered the floor and paid a deposit, fitting is on Dec 12th so I have to finish painting before then.

The skirting is stopping where it is, so I have painted that, but the new flooring needs to go under the wooden bath side and the wood trucking covering the waste pipes, so to make it easier to paint I removed it all today. And here’s where the awful bit comes in, IT WAS DISGUSTING in the void space, about 3 inches deep in dust and…..things various. I beat a hasty retreat with the wood to the garage, where I could lay it out and Paint it, I (or more preferably Yvonne) will have to venture in with a brush before the glorious 12th. Apparently the new colour scheme is that of a “Zen Buddhist Spa”, lots of Purple and associated statuary, with candles it will be a good place to relax.

Once again to the Black Cat for a cup of Japanese Twig Tea, and by some twist of fate a fresh, home-made Mince Pie with Clotted Cream. The pie was not on the plan, but they looked so good, it seemed rude not to.

Supper tonight was stuffed peppers and couscous, with Garlic Bread, the stuffing was a batch of left over beef ragu, last seen lounging over pasta and between times resting in the freezer. There was a little too much to squeeze into the peppers, so I heated the rest separately.

To the couscous I added a teaspoon of vegetable stock powder and some Harrisa paste, just to stop it tasting bland.

The garlic bread was the remains of my last loaf, thickly sliced, buttered and top with chopped garlic. Into the oven along with the peppers for 20 mins at 180.

Whilst the oven was on, I had some bread to bake, a wholemeal with seeds and some cheese and mixed pepper rolls.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I am going on an advanced bread-making course in Feb 2012, with the famous Tracy Smith the sustainable living Guru.

Have a look at . The course is at the Magdalen Project

Here’s some bread pictures

Before Baking


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