Sunday, 25 December 2011

Xmas Day Part 2

 Part 2

Here we go again, when we left things the potatoes were boiling, and the meat was ready to go in the oven.

After the potatoes have boiled for about 5 mins, drain (Reserve the water for gravy etc) and shake them in the saucepan to rough up the edges. Pour into a dish and leave to cool.

I made stuffing from breadcrumbs, dried cranberries and mixed herbs, add some of the potato water and a dash of orange juice to soften and put into an oiled dish ready to warm.

Just time to prepare veg, carrots, peas and broccoli, any left over can be liquidised for a soup base. (Little chance of that though)

 We are eating at 1330, so I put the oven on to warm at 1045, putting the meat in at 1100.

At 1200 the meat has been in for an hour, time to baste it with orange juice, add a bit of honey to the top of the Gammon, recover and put it back in.

Meanwhile put the dry potatoes in and warm the Goose Fat in a separate dish, when it’s hot pour it over the spuds and give them a shake. Put everything back in the oven. Time for a glass of wine.

1230 Take the foil off of the meat and give it 15 minutes more, then check its done and leave it to rest, put the pigs and stuffing in. Return the meat dish to the oven to finish the potato and onion cushion.

1300 Veg on to steam, warm gravy. Carve Meat.

Take Roast Potatoes out


Personally, I prefer the potatoes that were under the meat, infused with the honey, orange juice and general meatiness!

Finally, add potato water and meat juices to the gravy base, heat and thicken.

1315 Dish and enjoy, a bit early but we were getting hungry,

 There will now be another short break whilst we recover, Xmas Pudding will be served later, when there is room!

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