Sunday, 25 December 2011

Xmas Day Part 3

Now that we have had chance to digest the main course, we can proceed with the dessert.  And it’s a traditional one.

 Christmas Pudding, Yum, not home made, but the custard is, and there is also a choice of Brandy Butter, Devon Clotted Cream or Baileys Irish Cream flavoured cream. Or if you ask really nicely, a bit of them all! No wonder we are having a rest between courses.

Well that’s the story of our Christmas lunch, tomorrow Naomi and Eamon will be arriving in the afternoon, no doubt they will be hungry, and I promised them a buffet tea.

I have to make some more bread in the morning, also Mince Pies and Shortbread, to go with the cold meat, salad, cheese and biscuits etc. Another chance to try out my new Apron.

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