Friday, 4 May 2012

There’s a lot going on.

After the bread course, and work, I’ve a lot of catching up to do; fortunately Thursday was a rainy day.

So we have, in no particular order:-

Grapefruit Marmalade
Burger Relish
Wine to bottle
Hot dogs for tea

So in a burst of multi-tasking, at 7 this morning, I cut up 6 Red Grapefruit,

minced a kilo of onions,

made a sourdough using 300g of Hortense

and took two baguettes from the freezer. The onions I salted, and left (to draw the water out). I will make the relish tomorrow.

Next up I boiled the blitzed grapefruit with water until the peel was soft, then added sugar and – well you know the rest.

Meanwhile, I stretched and folded the dough a couple of times, leaving it to rise in-between for 45 minutes each time.

While that was going on I bottled my Rhubarb wine, I will need the room soon, the Dandelion and the Elderflower are still fermenting, so I can’t rack them for a while.

Marmalade bottled, and by mid afternoon the bread was in the oven. Using my shiny new thermometer, I gave it 30 minutes and found the internal temperature to be 91 degrees, after a further five minutes, it was 97, job done.

 The bread has come out SO much better now that I have been on the course.

The baguettes were from the course, I brought so many home, now I needed fried onions, and as always I added brown sugar to them whilst frying.

Good Hot dogs

To finish the relish, next morning I drained and fried the onions, together with a pepper and an apple, with a little Cider vinegar and brown sugar.

The recipe is from Jill Nice's excellent book “Preserves”, and is easy to follow. Although she uses white sugar, I think that brown gives a better colour. It will be ready in about a fortnight; as long as the rain has stopped we can get the BBQ out.

I have a new toy,

Five Pounds in a charity shop, I feel a casserole coming on.

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