Sunday, 29 April 2012

It's Raining (Again)

Sunday morning and the wind is howling, the rain is lashing, the dogs are damp from their walk (so am I) and the heating is on. On Tuesday it will be MAY, I’ve just had my long break from work, 11 days and it’s rained for 10 of them.

 Sarcasm alert - I do hate hosepipe bans!

There is a small lake in my garden which I could export to the South-East. The slugs have feasted on both the slug pellets and my courgette plants, and the rest of the veg are awash. The howling gale is rocking my greenhouses (good job I staked them and used tent pegs to anchor them down) but there is no prospect of putting plants out in this.

On the plus side, there is roast beef today, with the remains of the bread and butter pudding.

When I cleared out the freezer to make room for bread storage, I found a 600ml pot of double cream, on defrosting it had a rather strange consistency, a bit like fine sand, so I thought I would whip it and turn it into butter. I’ve seen it done on T.V. so I just put it in the mixer and turned it on.

Well nothing happened for a while, of course doubt crept in, then it began to thicken, then it turned into a sort of scrambled egg mixture,

then…………….. Suddenly it separated and I had butter.

After straining and moulding I was left with 310g of butter from 600 ml of cream,

much better than (dare I say it) supermarket butter, more like the sort of  butter that you would buy from a farm shop.

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