Monday, 23 April 2012

Bread Course Tomorrow

It's the Bread Course tomorrow, I’m really looking forward to it, in a slightly apprehensive sort of way, I just hope that after all the disappointment of the two cancelled courses that I have tried to go on, that it’s all worth it. I also hope that it’s not too technical for my old brain to get to grips with, and that it’s not too basic either, but whatever happens I am determined to enjoy myself, and produce some breads to be proud of. And to learn enough to reproduce them at will! Not much to ask there then.

I will be taking my camera, so stay tuned for a full report at the weekend.

Now after the triumph that was roast gammon last Monday, we polished off the last of the meat yesterday, with all the usual accompaniments, and a piece of Yvonne’s fine Lemon Drizzle cake to round it off, with Clotted Cream of course.

Just big enough for 2

I thought it was about time to try a glass of the Elderflower Champagne that I recently made from last years dried flowers and that was very good as well.

For tonight, we have the tomatoes that I roasted on Saturday, mixed in with cooked pasta and topped with grated cheese, all baked in the oven, served with Garlic Bread.

Thats all after we have braved the rain for a bit of shopping, yes it's raining again here, I know we need the water but the time for rain is 2200-0600 (unless I'm working nights! )

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  1. Bread Course is something I would need, too...
    The time for rain! Haha. I don't think it will work out, but it's a funny concept!