Thursday, 18 October 2012

What's in a name?

When I was very young, I used to have mint sauce with every roast, it didn’t matter to me which meat it was, that’s what I liked. And we always used to have Yorkshire Pudding as well, a big one cut into pieces and filling half the plate. It was only when I was much older I realised that its sole function was to fill us up cheaply.
Again in my youth we would have “Shepherd’s Pie” a lot; well it's a cheap, easy meal and one of my favourites (and Yvonne’s) even now. But and it's a big one: to the more pedantic among you, when Yvonne or I make it we usually use Beef mince. So technically it's a “Cottage Pie”.
If you asked anyone of my children though, they would call it “Shepherd’s Pie”.
Copyright Simon Drew

The point of that story is this, to a certain extent it doesn’t matter what you call it or how you eat it, if it fills you up and gives you a warm happy feeling it's done its job.
So brown a pound of Beef Mince with two chopped onions and a spoon of garlic paste. Drain off the liquid and reserve. Put the meat mixture into a casserole dish,

 top with mashed potato, and pattern with a fork (Makes a crunchy layer)

and heat through, probably about 40 minutes at 180, at least until the tops browned.

 Skim the fat off the reserved liquid and discard, add some stock to the remainder and thicken for gravy.
Don’t forget the potato peelings, blanch them in hot oil and freeze, they can be used in hash or any recipe that calls for potato pieces.

This makes about 4 portions with veg, so it's two tonight and two for later (Freeze them and you’re sorted on a night when you can’t be bothered to cook)
While the oven was on, I made some bread and rolls.


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