Tuesday, 30 October 2012


 I ran into a problem last night, no the house didn’t explode, nor did I get run over by a combine, but more than that, food was a potential disaster and I had to improvise. Now on the scale of things it's hardly the big deal but it threw my plans out.
Due to the clocks going back, (incidentally the dogs have not put theirs back and so still wake at 5) or it may be greed, we have eaten earlier the last few days. Anyhow at half four I started preparing Nasi Goreng. I had a mix for the veg and spices, which I had brought from a food stall at the Devon Show. Well I opened it and it looked a little uninspiring, but I added the hot water and left it to soak. Meanwhile putting the rice on and starting to fry the pork (Actually bacon pieces). Five minutes later, it was clear that I had a problem. The veg/spices looked and smelt foul. And being the end of the month, food supplies are a little thin on the ground.
In the end I cubed some peeled potatoes and chopped an onion. These I fried, keeping them moving to avoid sticking. I kept the bacon cooking slowly and whisked up four eggs and some salt and pepper. When the potato was soft and starting to colour I added the eggs to the bacon and made a rough omelette, (posh term for scrambled egg with bacon) serving with the potato.
This was nice, but not particularly filling, for my next trick I took some puff pastry out of the freezer and defrosted it in the microwave, meanwhile mixing custard powder, brown sugar and milk in a jug. I also wound the oven up to max. When the pastry was soft enough to work I rolled it out and used it to line a pie dish, tipping on a tin of Cherry Pie filling that was hiding at the back of the cupboard. This had 20 minutes in the oven and the custard had 7 in the microwave. YUM. And there is enough for today.
Because of the excitement, the only photo is of the pie, and it hardly does it justice.

Maybe I will do all my cooking on the hoof; it must have been the inspiration of Nigel Slater on BBC last Friday.
This post was intended to showcase Yvonne’s latest bead jewellery making making efforts, so here they are. First is a necklace containing a homemade felt bead embellished with seed beads, and matching earrings,

Then a necklace using amethysts and other semi-precious stones.

I have a tiny amount of Sweet Garlic Pickle left that we used to buy from a shop in Kent. I haven’t seen it anywhere down her, and if I can’t find it I will just have to make my own. I have scanned the only label on the jar that is visible, so if anyone reading this knows where I can get some in south Devon, I would be most grateful.

To end here are some pictures of the rough seas at St Marys Bay, and a sunset from my back door.

Also two of George in Australia, up to all sorts of fun.


  1. I buy Pataks garlic pickle in Earthfare, our local wholefood shop. It's the only place I've ever seen it, but I am addicted to it! :-)

    1. Thanks, I'll have to try that one. The ones that I have found never seem to be as sweet as this one is, in fact some are very sour. Like you I'm addicted, and quite particular once I find something I enjoy.