Sunday, 4 November 2012

Saturday again.

The plan was to make the Garlic Pickle, some Irish cream and some banana ice cream with choc chips. The last is only to use up the cream that will be left over. (Honest)

The first job was to steam the garlic, I’ve got the remains of my home grown that has been soaking in oil for a while and has a lovely golden colour, and the bulk is from a jar (99p shop) I thought steaming would keep the shape of the bulbs, even though I planned to chop them, I wanted lumps.
I steamed it for about ten minutes and left it to cool.
Meanwhile, I mixed up the spices and sugar, a couple of chili’s and some malt extract. I just used the list of ingredients from the label I posted, adding the malt extract to bulk it out. I had to thicken it with some Agar, but the taste is pretty good.
We had the flu jab on Tuesday, ever since we have both felt rough, with sore arms, headaches and generally a feeling of being a bit below normal. I have been out of breath walking the dogs, and tired.
This morning, I used my new Kenwood blender to chop bananas for the ice cream, then to blend condensed milk and cream for the imitation Baileys. It suddenly stopped working, and I thought that the fuse had gone, but the light was still on. So I called a well-known internet shopping company as it had been brought from them, and they agreed a replacement. Came downstairs and turned it on again, it only worked!
It turns out that if you run the blender for more than 60 secs it cuts out. So back on phone to ***** and cancel the complaint. Trouble is, by the time I got through, it was too late to stop the new one being sent and it’s on the way, so now I have to stay in on Sat to refuse delivery, and sign as “Not Wanted”. Wish I hadn’t been so keen.
We are having our Sunday roast on Saturday this week, as we are off to the Rattery Craft Fair on Sunday. Check out for details, Looks good.
So we are having a Nigel Slater idea, with a twist. He did Pork with Blackberries; well I am adding Elderberry Wine and some Raspberries to his idea.
I prepared it on Friday night, I soaked the scored meat in the berries and wine and left it overnight.

I intend to slow cook and pull it apart, making gravy from the juices, wine and onions. We will have that with Roast Potato, Parsnip and Swede, and some veg.
Well it tasted nice, but the sauce was a bit over fruity for our taste. The meat was soft and full of flavour, having been cooked at 140 degrees for 4 hours!
As I lifted it out, it fell off the bone

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