Friday, 30 November 2012

A Few Jobs


There were a few jobs that we both needed to do so we set aside Friday for them, with the promise of a good meal to finish.

I had bread to bake, and I wanted to try a spice mixture for coated mixed nuts. Also there was the last of the Rose Petal Wine to rack, and I had to go to town.

So I made my dough, and left it to prove whilst I went into town, I made a white sandwich loaf, and some beetroot and onion focaccia (probably not authentic but who cares).

 Once again I used the oven proving technique that I found on the web; in the present cold weather it takes the uncertainty out of proving dough.

The wine is my last batch for this year, and was made back in October from the second flush of roses that we had in the short Indian summer. I had a taste as I siphoned it (Whoops) and it tasted completely different to the other batches that I made this year, but just as nice. It should be ready in March or so, after another racking and bottling.

The mixed nuts were coated in a mixture of icing sugar, Cajun spices (from an American gumbo mix that Amy brought back from New Orleans) and paprika.

They were cooked at 180 for about 10 minutes and left to cool. When the coating had set, I broke them up into pieces and put them into jars. Yvonne will decorate them for gifts for some lucky people; I’ve made sure that I get some.


The beetroot bread was delicious; we had a ploughman’s style lunch and invited Norma. There was some of my Mozzarella left, and garlic pickle, the bread and fruit. I’ll need to walk the dogs about 10 miles this afternoon now.


Supper tonight is a “Dine for £10” from M&S, Gammon and Mediterranean veg, with Millionaires Shortbread desserts to follow and a nice bottle of wine.

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