Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Rush Part 2


Early start this morning, at 6, I was stretching and folding my overnight dough, as usual it was about as runny as golden syrup, and the normal panic hit me. I left it for 2 hours on a couches cloth to settle down and the miracle happened, as it always does.
 By the time I put it into my pre-heated Le Creuset Pot it was behaving itself. 40 minutes later I had the perfect loaf,

just starting to caramelise on top and filling the kitchen with the best smell in the morning.

At the same time, I cut up all the old bread into cubes, which I tossed in Balsamic and Oil. These will be cooked in the now cooling oven for about 10 minutes, and make the best croutons.

Yvonne put her shortbread into paper cones, to give to her friends, and went out, leaving the kitchen to me (Be afraid)

The shortbread mix was made and put in the oven to chill; I will roll and cut it later.
That’s a present for the neighbours sorted.


Next job were the Mince Pies, I have both a Chocolate and a Brandy and Ginger Mincemeat, so will make some of each.
 These will be our Yule offering and feast over the fire. (As long as it doesn’t rain, I would say “if wet in Church Hall,” but as it’s a pagan celebration that may not go down to well)

They were a bit undercooked at first, or so I thought, but as they cooled they improved.


There was far too much pastry, so I made mincemeat parcels with the leftover shortcrust and cheese straws with the puff. Everything has turned out nicely, bur I did have to keep sampling to make sure.

Yvonne has returned with good news, she has found a shop which will sell her beaded jewellery. Watch this space.

Now there is just the Mozzarella to make.

And the Steaks to eat.

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