Monday, 23 December 2013

Just what the Doctor Ordered.

Due to various work commitments, we had an early Xmas this year, two of my daughters were either working, or had husbands working over the festivities, so we all went to Amy's for the weekend before, as it was the only time we could get together. George is still in Oz so we will have another Xmas in April when she comes home!

As usual Amy did a superb spread, with home made mince pies,

sausage rolls,

  and a turkey to die for.

I even had two helpings of sprouts!!!!! (Pan fried in Lemon and Garlic)

Their house looked amazing, (Thanks Amy for letting me use the pics)

and we had a really good time.

Harry, Amy's husband is a Hospital Consultant, and he prescribed the perfect Xmas cure. It involved Xmas Pudding, Custard, Brandy Butter and Brandy Cream, Oh and Alcohol as well. He's a genius cos it made me feel better, or at least feel no pain for a while!!!!!

We got home Sunday evening, and set about part two of the plan. As we have had our  Xmas (at least until April) we decided to paint the front room. The dogs were in kennels, so no hair, or worry about them sleeping in a smelly room, and we could get on, secure in the knowledge that we wouldn't be disturbed. We have had the paint for a couple of years now, but never seem to get round to it. There was a worry that we might not like the colour after all this time.

It didn't go completely according to plan the weather was horrendous, and my Plastic greenhouse did a creditable impression of a ship under full sail across the garden, but once I had caught it and tied it down we could begin.

I have no before picture, but suffice to say it was worse than we thought once we had moved all the furniture into the centre of the room. I painted the ceiling with a White paint that goes on Red, so you can see where you have been. It dries white though, which was a relief. Yvonne did the walls.

After a day we had done about half, and it was looking good. Just the last of the cutting in, the woodwork and the radiators to do. Oh and wipe up the mess and steam clean the floor. And buy new curtains in the sales. ( We washed the old ones, they both shrank, which might not have been a problem as they were a bit long to start with. Except that they both shrank by different amounts!)

We can finish most of that tomorrow, then do the last bits on Weds and Thurs.

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