Wednesday, 8 January 2014

An Explanation.

As I was making the bread for Oats this morning, I made a discovery that explains a lot.
I was weighing my dough, trying to get two equal sized portions to shape, I realised that my scales were acting up. They did not reset to zero with nothing on them, and on further investigation, did not give the same answer twice on weighing the same thing!

I managed to finish the job for Oats using the back-up set, a spring based one that is only really accurate to 25g, and fortunately the bread was fine.

But I realised that this must have been at least a part of my problem last Sunday. It's a relief to find the answer was not all my mistake.

Also my printer is playing up. I tried to print an invoice and the Yellow was not working correctly. So I cleaned the print heads. Then the Black was not working (yellow was now fine) so I cleaned the heads again. Now Yellow and Black were fine, but Blue was not working. Cleaned again and needed to put in new cartridges as all the ink had been used in cleaning. Present situation is that Blue and Black are not brilliant but will do, and I have ordered more ink. (I think its a plot by the printer manufacturers)

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