Sunday, 5 January 2014

Yogurt Bread and Crumble

After my discovery of the depth of different recipes available online, and my decision to sample as many as possible this year,my first foray into the world of new bread recipes is this one,

and here's what the first stage of the dough looked like, I scaled the quantities by 50% as the original had 1.3kg of flour.

While this was proving, I got on with the rest of the menu. The following is a bit disjointed, but it's how I work.

To go with our Sunday lunch (beef cooked in gravy) I made a blackberry and apple crumble, the berries from the freezer and the apples from those that I preserved in September.

Also I wanted to caramelise some onions, as they make a nice base for stews and pizza.
So I chopped up a selection of onions and oiled them,

the plan was to put them in a low oven (150) for an hour or so after a basting with a wash of Black Treacle and Date Syrup.

When I cooked the fruit for the crumble it made a lot of juice, so I added that to the mix.

And the crumble was topped with Oats, Butter, Flour and Brown Sugar rubbed together.

The beef was ready for the gravy.

which I made from Chicken Stock, a couple of beef cubes, Tomato Sauce and the cooking water from the potatoes. This I poured over the beef, now it can be cooked for about 45 minutes.

Meanwhile back to the bread, this was knocked back and shaped, then risen for 30 minutes as the oven heated.

After the first rise


After 30 minutes in my trusty casserole, I took it out to finish,

and after over an hour, I thought that it was done.

Meanwhile the onions had been stirred and were getting there.

The bread was a bit of a disapointment, still raw in the middle, with a large air hole. I will have to do some thinking about it, the crust tasted amazing though and I'm sure I can work out what went wrong. Probably in the conversion from US Cups, or the scaling.

Oh well, onwards!!!

Next one to try will be this one, it has condensed milk in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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