Friday, 7 November 2014

Its taken over!

NaNoWriMo has taken over my life. I haven't blogged or done much baking since the start of November. Ribbonworld is playing like a film in my head and I'm having trouble typing fast enough to keep up.

I can see now why you should finish your manuscript before sending any samples off to an agent. I must have changed the first few pages a dozen times as the plot unfolds.
And I mean unfolds, sometimes I seem to have little input, I just type what I see in my minds eye. Already things have gone in strange directions and ways that I hadn't planned. So goodness knows what the end result will be.

So at the end of week one the scores are :

Words written 11727 (1675 per day)
Book size now, 40008 words (about 50% complete)
Words to go, about 38318 in 23 days at 1666 words per day.

Based on NaNoWriMo 50000 words in November.

I think we are on track.

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