Saturday, 10 October 2015

Thank you

This week has been a big thank you to the flu vaccination. You have given us a week where not much has been done because we have both felt ill.

Yvonne had the pneumonia jab as well as she is in the 'at risk' group (and had pneumonia a while ago) so she felt doubly ill.

I know its a different strain of vaccination each year so the reaction varies, last year we were both fine and other years we've been worse but there is no comparison to actually 'having' proper flu, we both had it one Yule with three children under 5 who didn't. That was torture.

Before all that started we spent last Saturday at Powderham Castle Food Festival, which was a chance to get some great food, meet up with a few foodie friends and enjoy the beautiful location.

It was really busy and I didn't manage to get many pictures. (too busy tasting and talking)
We bought a few goodies, some liqueurs for Yule and a decent lunch then had a leisurely drive home along the coast, through Dawlish and Teignmouth.

Bread wise, I made a couple of new loaves, both Sourdough. A Walnut and Green Pesto loaf and a Chilli loaf, using dried Chilli that I grew in 2013.
There are more details on my bread blog but here are some pictures.

Walnut and Green Pesto.

Walnut and Green Pesto.

Chilli Bread.
Chilli Bread
The Walnut was delicious with Goats Cheese and rather surprisingly the Chilli tasted wonderful with butter and Marmalade. I left all the chilli seeds in the mix and they provided a warm tingle, just enough to know it was there. It also made good cheese on toast. (Grilled Cheese in USA)

In book news, I have decided to rewrite 'The Rocks of Aserol', my Steampunk adventure. I had nearly finished Part two and intended to publish it as a separate volume to Part one, which is already on sale. But after thinking it over I have pulled it from sale and will now combine the two parts, giving you the complete story in one. 

 After a foggy start, yesterday turned out to be a very nice day, as you can see from my walk at Sharkham. It was really warm as well, no coat needed. Long may the weather continue like this.


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