Sunday, 25 October 2015

So long Fliss

We said goodbye to our black Labrador Fliss on Friday, the hardest thing to do.

She was 13 and had been ill for a while, but was still wagging. This time we think she had a stroke or similar and it would have been cruel to let her go on. We are both very upset and so are our children, after all she was around for half of their lives.

She was only 10 weeks old when we got her, she chose us, while we were looking at the litter she came over and said hello.

as an aside, you can tell how much better digital cameras have got over the last 13 years as well.

She got on well with our other dogs, first Winnie,

and then Tizer, who is still here today, looking sad and lost on his own.

She loved it in Devon and although she didn't like the sea too much, would have a paddle.

But mostly she just chilled.

There's nothing more to say this week I'm afraid, so long Fliss, until we meet again.

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