Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bread Talk and Book Launch

Two big events this week, my masterclass in Oats Healthfood shop and the launch of Ribbonworld.

First then, the masterclass. I chose to talk about easy bread making and tried to dispel a few myths on the way. Especially about kneading (you don't need to knead!) and the use of extra flour for dusting (DON'T)

I had a 12 hour pre-ferment which I used to make a loaf, and I also did some rolls from scratch, all in 90 minutes. The people who came along had a taste and as there was nothing at all left from the loaf or rolls I guess that they enjoyed the taste. 

Hopefully I have inspired people to have a go. Here's a few action shots from the evening.

If anyone wants the recipes, please comment below and I'll send you a set.

Next we had the publication and launch of Ribbonworld on November 2nd. That date was a quiet day, the next was the official launch at Millie and Me's cafe in Brixham. 

Despite Roadworks, maximum 4 hour parking and heavy rain the event was well attended and I sold a few paperbacks, signed of course! I also got pledges of several ebook sales as well and a message from George in Australia to say she had bought it.

She's been advertising it in the Barkly Homestead where she works, here is the postcard on the counter by the till.

The following pictures have been seen on twitter and facebook but here they are again, I'm quite proud of them.

Here's me with Sophie who owns the cafe and put the event on,

and me with Caz Greenham, another local author,

You can get a copy for yourself either from here or if you want a signed paperback (and who wouldn't?) from here

My website has all the latest news so if your interested in my journey as a writer and for news of my next novel that's the place to check out.

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