Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas is Coming............RUN!!!!!!

We're in the build up to the big day and I know what I said last time about not starting too early but its just about December now and everyone else is getting in the spirit so I may as well join in. And I'm getting excited about the family reunion.

 We are visiting all the craft and food fairs that seem to pop up at this time of year and having a look around at all the stuff without which no Christmas is complete.(Apparently)

In amongst all the overpriced and over-packaged is the odd gem, such as these liqueurs,

and these Chutneys, made by my good friends at Honest Foods. (I make the crackers they use for tasting) 

Of course we have to do a bit of quality control on all the foodie things we get, I can honestly say that the above passed. Or passhhed, hic, in the case of the liqueurs.

Other than that, I have decided to shut the Bakery from Dec 17th till Jan 5th, which has created a panic in some parts, with the possibility of freezing and larger orders in the last week. As if I didn't have enough to do.

Book wise I have my first sale in the USA and a few others in this country as well. My guest blog post attracted a bit of attention, the book has been published a month now, it'll soon be time to think about the next one. 

I have 4 stories on the go at the moment, at varying stages of completion, one at 70K words, one at 40K and one each at 20K and 10K. I need to decide which one to finish and put in motion for publication. You might think its strange having so much work in progress but I find that bits pop in to my head for one or the other all the time, its just a case of putting it in the right file when it does. Doing it this way, it's surprising how quickly a story takes shape. Plus if I get bored with one, there always another to work on. 

Two of the story's are sequels and one a spin-off. The other is a new departure and introduces new characters and setting.

I also got a royalty payment for my first novel "Freefall," today which has made me feel pretty good. Its not a huge seller but every now and then a payment pops up, one of the works in progress is a sequel, or more properly a prequel to it. Written at the request of a couple of early readers (its been out over two years) who spotted a couple of things and felt that they needed a bit of expansion.

So here are the two books side by side, the covers, although done by different people go well together.

Over on  my author website, I've put the last piece of my "How I Write" series up, this one is about plot development. Its here.
And we have Roast Beef today, my favourite; with Roasted Sweet Potato and Steamed Broccoli amongst other things. I'll slow cook the meat, about four hours in my Cast Iron casserole at 140°C should do it. The smell as it cooks fills the house and sets you up nicely for the meal.

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