Sunday, 18 December 2016

Deano's Grill and Totnes Good Food

Last week, an interview I did for a fellow author was posted and I forgot to put the link for it up the last time I posted, you can find it here.

I have also got the manuscript for Andorra Pett back from my editor. Fortunately, she liked the change of style and could only find a couple of plot holes and inconsistencies, so after I've sorted it out I will be offering that up as a beta read. The interesting part is that whilst I was walking along the cliffs yesterday I had an idea for a SEQUEL, we'll have to see where that goes,  but I've already got 2,000 words of it down and have a rough idea of what might be going to happen.

 And the artwork for Myra will be going to my designer for layout, here is the full picture, it seems a shame that I have to put words over it. The artist's website is here, you should really take a look

Totnes Good Food Market is on today, that means a catch-up with friends, a good piece of Steak for supper and cakes in the park for lunch, as long as it's not raining.

We found some flavoured Mead in Totnes and just had to get a couple of bottles. They had many different flavours, Chocolate, Chilli (in two strengths!), Nettle, Hawthorn etc but the ones we chose were these,

the company can be found here

Plus I got some delicious surloin steak (look away veggie types) from Peter at Evergreen Farm,

I can't wait!

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