Saturday, 3 December 2016

On the Radio

Last Wednesday, I recorded an interview with TCR

and the lovely Caro B,

where we talked about my working life and my writing.

The interview went live on Friday morning and you can hear it yourself if you click HERE

There was meant to be an extract from "The Rocks of Aserol" audiobook tagged on to the end of the interview, unfortunately, we ran out of time. 

Hopefully, it will be posted later.


  1. This is wonderful and I am so proud of you! You really have a great talent for writing and trust me you will continue to rise!

  2. It was a nerve-wracking experience, and reminded me of my pilots exams (3 Hour oral), but it sounded pretty good in the end. Glad you liked it.

  3. It did sound great! Must admit that I don't miss doing the radio interviews. It is a lot of work. It would take me many hours of work and I would read the book by the author three times!