Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The first bake of the year

When we got back from our visit to the family, my sourdough starters needed feeding. I wanted to make some more onion rings with a batter based on the discard and BEER but couldn't find an onion large enough when we went shopping. 

So I left them in the fridge to mature, all except the white.

There is a very useful trick to use this in bread making, even though it is not immediately active, if you give it time, it will raise a loaf for you.

I explored this more fully in this post, the technique is all there so I won't repeat it, just show you some pictures of the stages.

Starter from the fridge
Mixed Dough

Six hours later

Placed in the pot

12 Hours later


Crust detail

I also needed rolls for lunches, either filled or with soup. Last time I made the Cheese and Onion, this time I fancied Wholemeal with Beetroot.

The dough is my basic mix, 500g flour, 25g Olive Oil, 325g water, 10g each Yeast and Salt.

To this I added 500g chopped cooked beetroot and made the dough as usual. I always add everything at first, I've never found it makes much difference and it's easier to get it evenly distributed.

The rolls scaled at 130g each and the mixture made 24, they freeze well so this is a job that only needs doing every couple of weeks.

The beetroot tries to hide when you cut them but it's in there somewhere.

A lovely earthy taste.

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