Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Planting flowers in my wall!

One of the things I love about Devon is the wild Valerian growing out of cracks in the walls.

Now I'd like that sort of show in the wall at the end of my garden. The only question was, how could I get the plants started?
And then I had my big idea, it involved tea bags. But not any tea bags, specifically these, that come in little paper folders. And by the way, you should try these, they're delicious!!

We drink a lot of these teas, and I saved the bags while I waited for the seeds that I had ordered to arrive.

Next job was to fill the bags with moist compost and put a couple of seeds in each one.

Then I put them in cracks in my wall. Hopefully, they will grow strongly enough in the soil that when the roots break out, they will establish.

Stay tuned!

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