Sunday, 23 July 2017

Not many words

Hello again, I'm sorry that I haven't posted much just lately but I've been quite busy.
First of all, my grandchildren paid us a visit, we had a great time, at the beach, in Rockfish restaurant and just chilling at home.

I've made some bread 

and between us, Yvonne and I have picked a few blackcurrants

There have been beautiful sunrises, 

clotted cream gin, 

and butternut squash crinkle chips.

Yvonne has completed more cross-stitch squares for the Love Quilts charity,

We've had thrushes feasting on our honeysuckle and spotted baby seagulls.

Georgina has been hand rearing a kangeroo

so as you can see it's been a busy few days. And that's not including anything to do with my writing efforts, there's a lot of news to report, maybe next time.

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