Monday, 12 March 2012

Bits and Pieces

The last few days have been spent catching up, doing bits and pieces and this and that. It all started on Saturday, with a discussion about the food we would like over the next few days. After a bit of horse trading, we hit on Yvonne’s Spag-Bol with a pudding by me for Saturday, Pork Chops on Sunday, out for a meal Monday (Money off Vouchers) and back to work Tuesday.

I had a few jobs to do as well, Potatoes to plant out and start sorting out the loft (When we moved everything that was not immediately required was thrown up the loft and forgotten. If we haven’t missed it by now it can go to the next boot fair)

This Years Potato Crop

So the pudding, inspired by Cheesecake, but without the cheese.

Blitz a packet of value Chocolate Digestive Biscuits,

then add cubes of butter and pulse until you get a rough paste.

Use this to line a spring form dish, pressing well into the edges.

Whilst that is chilling in the fridge make a fruit compote, I used Blackberries from the freezer, with Brown Sugar and a little cornflour to help the set.

Let this cool then spread over the biscuit base. Roughly chop 100g dark chocolate and sprinkle over. Put it back in the fridge.

Whisk together a tin of condensed milk and some natural yogurt to make a custard.

I brought Hortense out of the fridge to warm up, and made a couple of loaves, the taste and quality is getting better all the time, but they are still not rising too well.

Saturday Night - Excuse the state of the Tins!
Sunday Morning, Ready for the Oven

Yvonne Made the Bolognaise? on Saturday night.

 And we had the cheese-less cake after

It was rather good
So for lunch on Sunday, I got some pork loin chops out of the freezer and oiled them in a dish.

Next some of my breadcrumbs (I bake all my ends of bread and turn them into breadcrumbs – another frugal habit) mixed in some dried onions, herbs and garlic.

I coated the chops liberally with this mixture and covered with foil.

 As these cook, the breadcrumbs will soften and take up the juices and flavour. At least that’s the plan.

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