Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Trying to Catch up

To get to work, I have to travel from Brixham to Gravesend three or four times a month. It’s a 230 mile journey each way, and over the two years that I’ve been doing it – as well as all the times I’ve travelled up and down for non work reasons I’ve come to know the A303 and the M3/M25 quite well. I’ve seen them in all weathers, driving rain, thick fog and dazzling sunlight. I've travelled them in darkness and light, and in that twilight when objects are blurred in shape and somehow seem slightly unreal. And three truths stand out over all that; There’s always another lorry to overtake, faced with a choice the other car will ALWAYS do the stupidest thing and that the safest place to be is tucked in behind a lorry doing 53 mph and just able to see his mirrors.

There are places on the journey that have acquired a special significance, half way, the place I stop for coffee or a leg stretch, 100 miles to go (coming home) and the sign that says “Welcome to Devon” (also coming home). Funnily enough most of these “milestones” are on the way home.

I think it’s a bit strange too, that in other countries the scenery can remain the same for hundreds of miles, yet on my relatively short journey, I go through the wooded hills of Devon, the Blackdown Hills of Somerset, Salisbury Plain and the North Downs, all very distinctive areas and all in such a short distance. And every time nature puts on a show of different colour, from the frosted starkness of a January Morning to the dappled sunlight of a summers evening or the Gold and Red of Autumn. It has become a joy to drive to work, despite the distance, because every time it’s different, and there is always something to catch the eye.

And so to food!

Yvonne and I were feeling a little bored last Sunday, and after the Black Cat Viennese Whirl (or should I say Wheel) experience I had brought a piping bag to make an attempt at my own. So the logical thing to do was to have a go.

And here they are.
Just out of the Oven 
With Buttercream

And Jam

A flock of Whirls

Not only that, I also made a crumble, using another bottle of scrumped apples and some Blackberry Jam.

I have a new toy! I wanted an apple press but was amazed at the cost, then I found one second hand - £4! Now all I need are the apples.

We have a good crop of Dandelions at the moment so I am starting to save them in the freezer, when I have enough it will be wine time.

I made a corned beef hash with a twist, partly to use up a few odds and ends, and partly to see what it would taste like, first frying chopped onions, pepper and garlic,

Meanwhile I cut potato into cubes and deep fried for about 5 minutes to soften.

When the veg were soft I added chopped Chorizo and Corned Beef,

then the potato and just kept stirring until the potato started to brown, adding halved Cherry Tomatoes at the end.


Next time: the garden explodes into life; I make wine and try to make vinegar, and much more.

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