Saturday, 21 July 2012

I finally managed to get the hang of Georgina’s camera (although by now I should say my camera) in close up mode, and so took pictures of Yvonne’s Bead Jewellery creations. She has a couple of commissions on the basis of these already, and I’m pleased to be able to photograph them properly.

I had a nice job at work on the 18th, a private Yacht up to West India Dock for the Olympics, they were a very nice crew and I had a superb lunch. (Rack of Lamb, Sauté Potatoes and a mixed salad since you asked) The owner is the guy who owns Westfield shopping centres, but he wasn't on board.

Back to reality afterwards, with a vegetable oil tanker away from Erith,

we had to rush as the tide was falling and we were running out of water under the ship, but I managed to get into the deeper water in time. A couple of interesting moments, especially as the Captain could see the mud we were churning up, but I guess that earned me my wages. Just don’t ask how much clearance we had!

Back home, I’m still trying to get enough Blackcurrants to make jam, with just a few to ripen, I still need about half a pound, if only we hadn’t had so much rain, I threw a lot of rotten bunches away where they were so wet.

I made French bread, and used the remnants of the sourdough for croutons. I also made a focaccia with fried chorizo and gnocchi topping (a Spanish/Italian fusion)

Croutons, and Chorizo/Gnocchi topping

And I made some oat and Cranberry/Sultana flapjacks. In my haste, and because I don’t make them very often, I forgot that you were supposed to cream the butter and sugar, and threw all the dry ingredients in together. Leaving me the butter and eggs to mix, and add everything else in a heap. Fortunately, they came out edible. As Yvonne limits herself to one biscuit at coffee time I made her a special one.

Yvonnes "Single biscuit" at front

Focaccia ready to cook

French Bread Prooving

We went to an NGS garden near Kingsbridge as it was not raining, a lovely place overlooking the sea, with a very interesting driftwood chair, and some nice mosiac work.

View from Bedroom window!

Of course we had to sample the Tea and cakes, then we headed into Kingsbridge for a wander around.  

I found a Horseradish root in a veg shop in Kingsbridge, and as the slugs have ensured that I wont be growing any this year, I decided to buy it and put it in the freezer after grating. The lady in the shop was unsure how to prepare it for sauce; and we had a good chat about the perils of grating Horseradish in an enclosed space. When I got home I cheated and used my processor, however it was not really up to the job, and I could smell that distinctive burning smell that you get from about to retire electric motors.

Saturday has started clear and warm, maybe a bit of light gardening is in order.

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