Monday, 2 July 2012

Now I understand

There has been a lot happening in my life, things seemed to be going along a path that I was not sure that I wanted to follow. And now, in a way, it’s all starting to make a bit more sense.
A bit of history at this point will make the rest easier to follow.

Back in 2009, I was told, during a psychic reading, that I would have a change of life, and that I should be in Devon, that there was “Something” there for me. Yvonne was told the same, and whilst we both were open to the idea, we really couldn’t see how this would ever happen.

Well, to cut a long story short, I looked for work in Devon; we sold our house and moved down. I kept my job, but went part time in the same job as I couldn’t find one in Devon, although I’d had a couple of offers they just weren’t “right” in on way or another.

We have been in this situation for two years, during which time Yvonne has had a lot of healing of various kinds, and is in my opinion a New person. I have resolved a lot of my issues, with help, and adjusted to my new lifestyle.

Anyhow, back to the real reason for this post.

I don’t know if it’s me, but at a very few times in my life I’ve felt what I can only describe as an overwhelming feeling of emotion bursting out of me. Not a specific emotional feeling, like Love or Anger, which I get all the time, (although less anger just lately) just a pouring out of what I guess is just raw neutral emotion. It seems to be triggered by an outside event, a piece of music, or even a sunrise, and in the past I’ve thought of it as a reaction to that trigger, and nothing more.

This week we went to Tavistock and saw Anita at Crystal Wisdom, and on her recommendation we watched Gregg Bradens lecture on the Divine Matrix from Youtube. It’s all starting to make sense to me; I now believe that the feeling is my contact with the Matrix, and that it’s something that I need to encourage in some way, as an aid to my spiritual development. The realisation dawned on me when, after watching and being interested in a general way in the subject, I felt the emotion on hearing a piece of music, driving to work. It was like a light coming on in my head, because at that moment, it felt like all things were possible to me, like I could do or be whatever I wanted, just by holding the feeling that was flooding my body. And I remembered that, after watching Gregg explain his theory, I thought “Well that’s OK but how can you get the feeling he describes” My next thought was “I haven’t played  ***** for a while, I’ll listen to it on my way to work”.

I guess the fact that I have had psychic readings gives you a clue to the fact that I am very open to the explanations given by mediums about life and death and spirit, and I have had things happen to me that can only be explained in that way, that only make sense if this is truth.

Significantly, I have begun to question my present path, and whether there isn’t “Something Else” that I should be doing. I know that Yvonne has been thinking the same thing too. With all the things that are going on in the world, and the knowledge that things could be so much better if only change could happen, and the rapid approach of December 23rd, I wonder if we are not at the point where the present way is about to end in favour of a new start for everyone.

So although it may take a bit of prompting to get my attention, I’m waiting for the next little push in the direction that I’m clearly meant to be moving in.

Back to normality now, and if you’re still with me, a bit of cookery to round things off.

I watched the Hairy Bikers programme where they make crumpets a couple of weeks ago, and have been looking for the cooking rings they describe ever since. But at £ 4 - 5 a pair they seemed a little expensive for what they were; eventually I found some spring form tins with bases at £ 1.50 each, which gives me the flexibility to use them for other things as well.

Good Bubbles in the Batter

And here they are, the temperature of the griddle is a bit tricky to get right, but in the end the results more than justify the effort, the taste is about 100% away from a shop version, and I think that crumpets will now be a major part of my repertoire. I think the resipe is still on the BBC website, search Hairy Bikers and Crumpets.

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