Friday, 6 July 2012

A Tale for our Times

Once upon a time, it came to pass that a certain printer refused to print black properly, so in accordance with the ancient scrolls that he found in the loft, where they had been put for safekeeping, (right at the back) the valiant owner proceeded to try and clean the nozzles, including buying special cleaning cartridges. All to no avail, the printer finally admitted, via its control panel that a terminal error had occurred and it was time for it to go to printer heaven.

So (in our story), the brave printee, scoured the land (well Amazon) for a new printer to take up the challenge, but his first selection suffered from foul reviews. Hope was at hand with a different model, of course it was more expensive, but it was well liked in the world of Amazon-land and such was its beauty, that surely its purchase would make all things right.

So our hero waited, and lo it appeared through the driving rain, borne by the great being from Parcel Force, in haste it was unwrapped, and in accordance with the ritual set forth in the sacred Quickstart Guide, it was brought to life.

And the Black didn’t print!

Mind you neither did any of the other colours.

I’m sure that there is a moral here, but for the life of me I can’t see what it is. Perhaps it’s trying to tell me that things are more than just Black and White.

Meanwhile, a replacement will be here on Monday or Tuesday, I can’t fault customer services, but it means another day stuck waiting for a delivery.

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