Wednesday, 19 June 2013

At work

Another day at work, and a trip through the Thames Barrier,

And past the dome,

As you can see it's a lovely day for a cruise, back to sunny Devon tomorrow.

I've  actually written this on my new Tablet, the addition of a keyboard makes it as good as a laptop, but half the size and quicker to start up. Plus being a bit more modern, it picks up on the wi-fi here, which my laptop didn't always do.

When I get home, I have all sorts of bread to do, I brought 10 Ciabatta up here to order, and have another 10 to deliver on Monday. Oats want 30 more on Saturday, in addition to the regular Sourdough and Soda Bread order for Monday.

Meanwhile, and before I can go home, I have more ships to pilot on the Thames.

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