Thursday, 27 June 2013

As it happens, after my last post, I had no other work, there was a job in  the early hours that cancelled, normally they are the ones that never do, but this time it meant an early finish.

Back home, my garden has really taken off, with peas,


and even a potato

showing up.

I did the Ciabatta for Oats, as well as the usual Sourdough and Soda bread,

before my next shift (and last for a while)

My car is getting more economical as I wear the engine in, this time on the trip from Brixham to Gravesend I averaged 89.6mpg, which is pretty good On the return trip however the figure was lower, I wonder if that's because I'm in more of a rush to get home than I am to get to work?

 I've been scouting out the blackberries, and this year there seem to be a large amount coming, looking forward to Wine, Jam and some Balsamic Vinegar if I get plenty.

These taken variously, but I'm not letting on were or you'll whip them before I get there,not very charitable I know, but the blackberry pickers here are a possessive lot!

There is a new farmers market at Occombe Farm in Paignton today, which might be worth a look, Oh: and I made a no-knead wholemeal loaf.

Ready to bake

I like the idea because there's little work involved, and the dough proves for 18 hours, which gives it a lot of flavour.

I have an order for Millie and Me in Brixham, they are having an Italian evening on Saturday, and I am doing the Focaccia and Ciabatta for the event. All the info on that will be on the Bread blog, so do have a look.

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