Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday at work

I'm at work, and trying to catch up on all sorts of things between jobs. Work has got busier, which is a good thing (although not at 2 in the morning) as it means that the effects will filter through the system over the next few months.
 It's been very warm in Devon for the last couple of weeks, and about time too! In an effort to avoid sunburn on my bald patch, (enough information) I have been walking the dogs through some of the lanes, where there is a bit of shade.
We have Yardes lane,

and a shady place at Sharkham,

which they enjoy.

Also, when you get to the top of Southdown hill, you get a good view across Torbay,

My camera has been playing up a bit, so I have only a few pictures this time, but I did get a nice close up of the foxgloves which are appearing .

But only  a few of the Grapefruit marmalade.

I usually make this in June, when the Seville Orange runs out, and this year I had a lot of requests from work, so I made about 30lb, saved some for me and mine and brought the rest up to sell. In 12 hours overnight 9 of the 23 jars have gone, so I hope that the rest find a good home.

I've been bottling wine, to make space in the airing cupboard for Elderflower, which is just starting to blossom, and got Rhubarb and Dandelion safely put away for the winter.

The Rhubarb (on left) looks a bit murky, but those are bubbles, its crystal clear once it's been left to settle, now all that is required is patience.

I'm typing this at work, I have to go and put this vessel in Tilbury Lock, it's a bit of a squeeze, there is only half a metre clearance each side!

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