Monday, 17 February 2014

Here comes the Rain (Again)

The approaching weather front, as seen from Sharkham as I race to get home with the dogs before it rains.

I had gone round the garden and secured things, the fence is leaning a bit, but the ground is too wet to do much about it. Fortunately the wind direction is not straight onto it.

Next morning I found this much rain on my picnic table cover, about 30mm, not bad for 12 hours!!

There is little that I can do in the garden, although there are plenty of things that should be done. My seed potatoes are sprouting, but the bags are more mud than soil, all the green manure I grew last autumn has been washed away, it's time to plant but I'm leaving it a bit.

It's funny that Somerset was under water for a month with little notice taken in London, but as soon as the Thames started flooding, lots was done to help. Call me a cynic, but I suppose there are a lot more voters living along the Thames than there are in Somerset. Sad really, because the people in London will notice the significance of Somerset in August when food prices rocket.

This beauty is a Creme Egg Brownie from West Country Deli, just waiting to be eaten, and it won't have long to wait!!! The work of a genius, just wish I had thought of it.

or this Snickers Cheesecake, from Fermoys Garden Centre Cafe. I do love the food in Devon.

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