Friday, 7 February 2014

Whatever happened to last week?

It seems to have shot by and I never noticed!

There has been so much going on here that the days merged into one, and now that I look back I can see a week has passed.
The weather doesn't help, every day is the same, wet and windy and dark. The only decent day so far in Feb was last Sunday, I was at work. It was nice on the river though.

Approaching the Dartford Bridge, Outward Bound.
Maybe I exaggerate slightly, we did get a rainbow on one of the days, when the rain briefly abated,

All this enforced stopping in has meant a bit of creativity, I made my usual Sourdough breads,

and found time to go to the dentist (Ouch - and that was before the bill - double Ouch!!)

In our capacity as founders of Well Bread! we went to the Taste of the West trade show in Exeter on Wednesday, plenty of samples to graze on, and a few new ideas for the future.

Thursday we had a spicy Lamb dish, in the North African style, starting with fried Onion, Pepper and Harissa, and some Apricots. These I fried till softened and left to cool.

Then I added shredded cooked Lamb,

raisins and chopped mixed nuts. I cooked the mixture through and put more Apricots on top. It was served with flatbreads and Cous-Cous. Now it's back to work again. How time flies.

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