Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Spoonful of Sugar.

We've both been a bit ill over the last few days, hence the silence. Fortunately we seem to be getting over it, so normality (or at least a passable version of normality) is being restored.

I've been back to work, but my shoulder is still playing up, despite six weeks of physio and a steroid injection it's still very painful to climb a ladder, so I'm going to see my doctor next week to decide where we go next. Yvonne's health problems are just about sorted, it's just a shame that we were both stuck inside during the last weeks good weather.

In a way the enforced idleness has probably done us both good though, a little less rushing around never hurt anyone.

I had a request for a sample Spelt Sandwich Loaf from a cafe in Totnes, so I have been working on that, I will take my creation in when we go to the Good Food Market tomorrow.

Also Oats asked me for a Sourdough Crumpet, I found a recipe and made a batch, they tasted horrible, I assumed that I had done something wrong so had another go. Still horrible.

I checked online, I found that the recipe I had used was a translation and they had got teaspoons and tablespoons mixed up. So 1 teaspoon of sugar  became 1 TABLESPOON of sugar and a miracle happened, now all I have to do is solve the problem of the non-stick rings not actually being non-stick. Incidentally, all the recipes except the one I had looked at said 1 Tablespoon.

I also made a batch of biscuits using a tin of Caramel Condensed Milk as a base, with good results,

there was plenty of dough left over as well, this I put in the freezer for when I get a biscuit craving. (Actually it's to stop me making them all at once)

Yvonne has used the time to knit a cardigan for Elsa, we posted it yesterday.

I found that my raspberries had started ripening as well, that's a bonus as Yvonne has promised that she will make a White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake when we have enough!

We have had some gorgeous weather here, it's a pity we've been stuck with Doctors visits and calls, one sunrise had me racing for the camera, the colours were a bit brighter in real life but it was still impressive.

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