Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Another Blackberry Recipe

I've found (yet) another use for the abundance of Blackberries that we've had this year. This time it's a liqueur for Yule celebrations.

Dead easy this time, just Blackberries in a jar,

 a bit of Brown sugar and topped with the Vodka, now it just needs leaving in a dark place for a few months.

Meanwhile I have found another use for my excess sourdough starter, Crumpets! And a chance to use my new silicone moulds.

they are very easy to make, just the Starter, Bicarb, Sugar and Salt. I found the recipe here,

It's been a busy baking week, largely because I got a repeat order for the Savoury Morsels, another 15 bags (3 of each flavour) on top of all the other breads. Also a new product, the Brixham Bramble Dodger, made with my own jam. I did a batch of these and one of Custard Creams for Millie, apparently they nearly sold out, they got good remarks on twitter as well.

Time for Tea

The time for my talk at Oats is rapidly approaching, and I'm starting the samples for the evening. First up is my home made Clotted Cream, I started it overnight and its formed a good crust, I just have to let it cool now.

I will use the residue for the Devon Splits, I have to make Focaccia overnight tonight and find some wine to take down (Rose Petal, Dandelion and Lemon Balm), polish up my notes and print off some recipe sheets. Wish me Luck!

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