Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hot Pot Hot Pot (So good they named it twice)

Strange title for a post, you might think, well there's a bit of history here.

My children (Bless 'em) grew up eating most things, we didn't really have the problems that you hear or read about, for which I am very grateful. And that includes some of my stranger attempts at culinary innovation.


There was always Hot Pot, none of them would eat it, which I always thought was not only a shame but also slightly weird, after all they liked lamb, and potatoes and carrots etc, Amy even admitted she liked butter beans. And Yvonne and I love Hot Pot, so it ought to be in their DNA.

So why does the particular combination strike fear and loathing into their hearts?

Now they have all left home I can now have Hot Pot whenever I like without the verbal accompaniment, or having to cook something else as well.

So today is that day, I have Lamb from Well Hung,

part cooked potato skins from the freezer,

along with all the other bits and pieces,

here we go.

I browned the meat and reserved the juices for the gravy,

Meanwhile I chopped carrot and onion, addded the beans and some peas.

 made up gravy with the meat juices, veg stock powder and a few of my secret gravy ingredients, added this and the meat together to the veg and mixed.

Then I topped with the potato skins and left it all to rest,

I'll cook it after I've done the bread this afternoon.

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