Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pork and Marmalade Burger

One of the advantages of baking bread for other people is that you always have enough for yourself. In order to ensure I have the the right amount of whatever to sell, I make extra dough and then keep the excess for myself. 

A while ago, I spotted some Pork Mince reduced as it was nearly out of date. I split it in two (there was 500g) and froze it, now I'm making burgers with half to go in the buns.

I've used Marmalade as a glaze on Gammon before, so I thought it might be an idea to try it in a burger, as long as I get the proportion right, I figure about 15% (37g in 250g of meat) should do it.

And I managed to get some nice looking Tomatoes at Annies Fruit Shop in Totnes yesterday.

Anyhow, In the end I had 264g of Mince,

and added 39g of marmalade,

which I then mixed and shaped into burgers, and floured them up.

I decided to oven cook them as I didn't want them falling to pieces in a frying pan, they had 30 minutes at 180 fan in the end, turning a couple of times.

Meanwhile I got some of my part cooked potato skins from the freezer and heated them for the same time.

The burgers were cooked after 30 minutes, so it was just a case of plating up,

And in case you're wondering, the taste was amazing.

Tomorrow is slow roasted Pork Belly, can't wait.

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