Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A few Recipes

I made 12lb of Blackberry Jam in 90 minutes today, there's a huge bramble up by the garages and I picked 6lb of fruit in 30 minutes, without trying hard to get the high ones (Which are always bigger) I boiled it up till soft, added 6lb of sugar and 48g pectin, boiled it again for 5 minutes and put it in jars. Finished at 1230. Not that I'm trying to boast but I was amazed at how quick it all went. There are so many berries still to ripen or reachable with a little effort that a repeat performance is possible, maybe next week.

Food wise, since the excess of my birthday, we have been trying to be a little more restrained in our meals, I say trying because it's not always possible, we went out for Fish and Chips on Weds, but balanced that with tuna salad on Monday.

Unfortunately not all of the dishes were photographed, well its difficult to make a dry lamb mince curry look exciting, but one that was was thursdays effort, Sausages with Borlotti Beans and Roasted Veg,

On Friday we had Chicken in Peanut Butter and Sweet Chilli marinade, with salad and Balsamic Wedges.

I would be the first to admit it doesn't look that appetising, but it did taste pretty good.

My next job was to make Bramble Jelly, I always do it in the oven and it's dead easy.

Equal weights of fruit and sugar in a dish, with some lemon juice and dried pectin (8g per kilo of mixture)

covered with foil and baked at 180 for an hour, stirring and mashing a couple of times and leaving uncovered for the last 20 minutes.

Then strain into jars. The pulp thats left is nice on yogurt.

Thats all for a while, I'm breaking in? a new camera and have a few days away, so I will be back soon.

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