Monday, 25 August 2014

Writers Block and more Memories.

I have a problem.

As you might know, and if you look to your right you will see, I have self published two novels as e-books.

They can probably best be described as science fiction, and sales; although slow are fairly regular.

I'm trying to write follow up novels using the same charactors and settings, but have a bad case of writers block at the present, I tried leaving it for a while, and doing other things but it wasn't really working.

Then I had two pieces of inspiration, someone asked me when the sequal to Freefall was coming out, and what was going to happen to resolve his questions, and I found out that there had been a lot of sample downloads of one of my works. Not sales, just sample downloads. It made me feel like it was important to carry on.

The situation has sort of improved, as I'm now getting the ideas but I still can't seem to settle to writing the stuff down, instead of typing I just fill notebooks with badly written pages that I can't decipher later.

Anyway as another distraction, here are some more memories,

The view from my cabin porthole in 1977. I was on the "Wild Curlew" and we were loading oranges in Duncan Dock

Nice ship, my cabin incidentally, was the one in the middle of three on the deck just below the lifeboat.

Next up, the view from the World Trade Centre, looking across toward Brooklyn. Still in 1977, hence the poor quality of the scan (taken from a 126 transparency)

and from the bottom,

There's been a lot of changes in both these places since then.

I really must go and type some more of the adventures of my hero and his mates, I can't keep distracting myself.

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