Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beetroot and Vinegar

I was down to my last jar of pickled Beetroot, a serious matter as I love the stuff,

My beetroot this year has been non existent, a combination of factors meant that I had to buy some, so I went and got a 10kg sack! (about half the price of buying it prepared, even including the cost of the vinegar)

I had wanted to use my own wine vinegar, but there wasn't enough so I had to use a local brand,

In the end, I had four saucepans full to boil and peel and slice,

took me most of the morning but I got enough to last a while, by the time I run out of last years it should be ready to go.

Next job was to increase the amount of vinegar I have, using my home made wine as a base. I brought a larger jar yesterday, which means I can produce a little more than before.

As you can see,the new one is larger, I'm going to use the smaller jar for Red Wine ie Blackberry and Elderberry, the whites can go in the big one.

The mother had made lots of new ones, so it needed room

I topped it up with a couple of bottles of Rose Petal 2012 which had started to acidify already,

and took a mother,

to start the Red ferment.

Now I need patience. I do love nature, it provides all we need, if we can only be bothered to look.

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