Saturday, 23 August 2014


This week has been busy, Monday was spent preparing for this weeks baking as I wanted to get ahead and had changed my delivery date.

Tuesday was spent delivering , then I had to go to the dentist (Ouch)

Weds morning at 5 I was baking again, this time for my Daughter and her family, we drove to Nottingham on Wednesday and returned on Thursday.

Back from Nottingham, Friday was spent organising myself for the Baker Boys Project and starting Rolls for Millie, to be baked on Saturday. 

Bur first a spot of wildlife spotted on the neighbours arbour eating the birdfood,

Not bad considering I was about 20 metres away, with the zoom on full.

As I said, on Friday I met the people from the Baker Boys and sorted out next weeks entertainment. I took a sample loaf, Liam (my contact) enjoyed it.

Saturday morning I finished the rolls for Millie and Me pop up bar and BBQ , to be delivered after 9, when I must also get the Oats order for next week.

Sunday I have an order to make for customers in Gravesend, where I will be going on Sunday afternoon, to work Monday.

When I get back on Tuesday, I have to start the Oats Sourdough for Thursday, along with whatever else they want.

Like I said, a treadmill.

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