Monday, 15 December 2014

Yvonne makes a Crumble

I have been a bit remiss in posting to this blog, sorry about that. Things have been a trifle hectic here, I have had two more injections in my shoulder, under live xray and ultrasound to get them in the right place, and with that and all the other seasonal things, posing has taken a bit of a back seat.
To add to the mix, my computer had given up the ghost, so I have had to resurrect my old laptop, which like me is showing it's age. I thought that I had lost my more recent files, (although some are backed up on Dropbox there are some that are not) but I have taken the hard drive out of the computer and it is undamaged. Relief!!

I do back up weekly (or when I remember), but of course it was the day before it was due and I had just been thinking "I must do that."

So now it's a case of waiting for the sales to get a new one, and the exciting bit of anticipation. I was wondering what to fritter my CPD refund on!! Something for ME.

As the title suggests, Yvonne made a mixed fruit crumble yesterday to go with our Roast Gammon, it had Cherries, Apple and Peaches, and the topping contained Oats, Seeds and Brown Sugar. I made the custard.

Other than that it's been quiet food wise, we are starving ourselves in readiness for the Yule celebrations. (Actually we are not but it sounds better.) I have just been making ordinary White bread,

and trying to cope with not being able to move my shoulder, it's been keeping me awake a lot. And with the central heating breaking down. and all of lifes little troubles in the season of goodwill.

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