Saturday, 23 January 2016

An exciting week.

Big news, Naomi called me at 0615 on Monday, I'm a grandfather again!!!!! She has had a daughter who she is calling Maeve Isabella, 6lb 7oz. Yvonne and I are off to see her shortly.

More pictures to follow.

In other more boring news, I made a white sourdough loaf,

which was really tasty, I also used the discarded sourdough starter to make some Battered Onion Rings, soaking the onion first in Balsamic Vinegar overnight.

Georgina came down to see us for a couple of days before she goes back to Oz.

We took her to the Eden Project on a rainy day and she really enjoyed it. It was the second time we had been but her first, our last visit was in June 2009 when it also rained. 
They have a new walkway over the top of the Tropical Biome which was pretty spectacular, as you can see.

You can just see Yvonne in the picture below, 

 I tried the zoom on my camera,

 Wow! No tripod either.

We didn't get a chance to look around outside as it was raining really hard but we changed our tickets into annual passes so will be back in the summer. Maybe it will be third time lucky and we can have a look around the gardens when it won't be raining.

While George was here she made us something she called ANZAC biscuits, with Coconut, Syrup and Oats in. They were lovely, crisp outside and chewy inside. I have the recipe so will try them myself later.

Writing wise I'm working my way through the revision of "The Rocks of Aserol," my editor has suggested a few things and I'm seeing if they work; as well as her corrections to my grammar and all the inconsistencies she has spotted. A bigger job than actually writing the thing in the first place.

Incidentally, my Novel "Ribbonworld" is available at a special price for a short while. 

A signed paperback can be yours for £ 4, just about the same price as the e-book.
Go to this link for your copy.

I also got another 5* review this week, from an Anonymous Amazon customer,

on 21 January 2016
Ribbonworld was a fantastic read which kept me wanting more. Lots of action, suspense and a believable story, 
I didn't want it to end. If your a sci-fi reader this is definitely the book for you. 
Richard Dee - when is the next one coming out?

I'm pleased with that one.

Finally, on my dog walk last tuesday, I spotted some sort of bird of prey in the trees up at Sharkham. 
With my phones camera on full zoom I couldn't get a better picture but it was large.

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