Saturday, 30 January 2016

My girls, gifts and some food.

First my girls,


Yvonne with  Maeve

Children and Grandchildren
We had a lovely time with Naomi, Eamon and Maeve; she's such a beauty already and I'm in love again. That's six women in my life and they're all amazing!!!

Sadly for us, Georgina has gone back to Australia but we know she arrived safely and we'll speak to her on Sunday as usual. 

Yvonne has been busy with her needles and had knitted a pair of shoes to keep Maeve's little feet warm,

 Pretty good work, she also made a patchwork dog to keep her company in her cot,

and of course the cross-stitch baby card.

 And just so that we didn't feel left out down here, a crochet throw for our sofa.

As you can see she's one clever lady. And the tantalising glimpse of our front room looks good as well.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, I made a bolognese type sauce for our evening meal with pasta and garlic bread.

First the garlic bread, just slices of the seed and chickpea loaf covered in butter with garlic paste mashed in.

They go in the oven at 180°C for 20 minutes and look like this afterwards.

Not too dark but crispy and oozing!

Next the sauce, basically I fried chopped Onion, Pepper and Mushrooms, all about the same size pieces so they cook evenly,

In a separate pan I fried beef mince with a little garlic and stock,

When the veg were starting to soften and the meat well browned I mixed together, adding a tin of chopped tomatoes and some tomato puree.

This simmered whilst the pasta boiled and the Garlic bread cooked.

Next time, I make baguettes and we go for a picnic.

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  1. I forgot to comment on this the other day. However, this has been my favorite blog post that you have written. I would really encourage Yvonne to start a blog with her crafts. So many of us like to cross stitch and create handmade gift. The stories behind the fabric for patchwork dogs and even the color of thread make great post. Enjoy your time with your beautiful granddaughter. they grow up too fast!