Thursday, 7 January 2016

Day out; and a Salmon Recipe

This was just after the sunrise on Jan 4th, I'm a big fan of crepuscular rays and these looked better in real life but you get the idea.

On Tuesday we used our new found freedom to take a picnic out. We intended to go to Thurlstone, a place I remember from my childhood, largely because of the rock formation that gives it its name but also for the beach and the views.

Well the journey was slowed by one of the scenes that you rarely see any more, animals moving down the road; sheep in this case.

and when we got to Thurlstone it was just as I remembered it, the light was changing so quickly that its hard to believe that these pictures were taken about a minute apart.

In all I drove about 70 miles through the lanes around Kingsbridge and Salcombe and visited a few places that I hadn't seen for years, it's funny how the reality and the memory work, some places looked as fresh as yesterday and yet I could hardly recognise others.  

For our meal today, I did Salmon in a sort of Chutney with Watercress. It's adapted from a Nigel Slater recipe I picked up ages ago.

The Chutney is a mix of Shallots, New Potatoes and mixed dried fruits.(No peel) Added to this is Vinegar and Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and flaked Almonds. No exact quantities; just put in however much you feel, if you like vinegar put less sugar etc.

Before Cooking
 This mixture is cooked covered for an hour at 160°C, then the salmon fillets are put into the oven and the whole lot has another 20 minutes.

Chutney after cooking
 I Oiled the salmon and rubbed in some seasoning that I got for Xmas,

This was delicious!

It was plated up with Watercress and tasted pretty good.

We're off to Totnes market tomorrow, can't wait.

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