Monday, 6 June 2016

Back to Cooking

That's enough writing posts for a while, I'm back to cooking for a while. Just a few simple things that make the ordinary special.

First up is an easy tomato sauce for pasta, a few over-ripe tomatoes, spring onion, Garlic paste and a few herbs in the blender, maybe a teaspoon of sugar if you must!

It might not look too good but it will taste superb.

Next up, try chopping Sundried Tomato, sweetcorn, and spring onions, mix into couscous, delicious with fish.

We found an offer on Rhubarb, good news because our own had not survived in the garden after a wet winter. I love stewed Rhubarb.

I chopped the Rhubarb,

microwaved it for 10 minutes with a little sugar,

added blackberries from the freezer and a few Sultanas to soak up the liquid and gave it 10 minutes more.

That will be good with yogurt.

Finally, on my walk on Sunday I picked Elderflowers, 25 heads to be precise.

I soaked these in 1.8 litres of sugar syrup (1:1) with added Citric acid and Lemon Juice.
and left it to soak for 24 hours.

Then I strained and bottled it. These will go into the freezer for a taste of summer in the winter.

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